Looking to rent apartments in Hanoi? Here are the top 5 tips for you!

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top 5 tips - apartments for rent in Hanoi

Are you a foreign expat working in Vietnam and looking to rent a long-term apartment in Hanoi? 

In this rental guide, we will be going through some basics about renting an apartment in Hanoi. 

If you’re new to Hanoi, make sure you read through these articles, it will surely help you!

Rent apartments in Hanoi Tip 1: Finding a quality apartment is better than finding a cheap apartment.

If you are renting a house in Hanoi for the first time, there is one thing you should especially remember:

the price is not the only thing you should consider!

Some customers prioritize rental price as the 1st thing to consider while renting apartments, it’s wrong!

You must remember that Vietnam is one of the developing countries, the housing market here is also just “Developing”

This means, choosing an apartment with the right quality and appropriate environments will be your most important task while looking to rent an apartment in Hanoi.

What are the conditions for a suitable apartment?

For example, there are comfortable public facilities, convenient transportation, clean and safe community environment, suitable residents’ quality… and so on.

If you always prioritize rent, then maybe there will be some factors that you have missed out on!

Make sure you balance and focus on some factors that are also important while speaking about renting an apartment in Hanoi!

Rent apartments in Hanoi tip 2: Don’t judge everything by using Google maps!

When people come to Vietnam for the first time and choose an apartment, what tools do people usually use to measure the distance? GOOGLE MAPS, right?

However, in Vietnam, you must pay special attention in many cases, and you cannot use Google Maps as the only basis!

You have to know that traffic jams are often in Vietnam. If you go the wrong way, even a short road can be jammed for 30 minutes. 

If you don’t want to waste time commuting, getting familiar with the traffic conditions during commuting will be your most important topic.

Don’t just use Google Maps to see the distance and then make a decision. In Vietnam, a short four kilometers on the map can take you 5 minutes or 50 minutes in any case.

Rent apartments in Hanoi tip 3: Life function is very important!

Whether you are renting or buying a house in Vietnam, “life function” is a crucial decisive factor for you. Don’t ignore the importance of life function.

If you have been to most Asian places such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.,

then you will be very wanting a convenient life.

Walking downstairs to the apartment, you can find convenience stores, supermarkets, MRT… etc., all kinds of convenient living functions.

However, in Vietnam, these are not necessarily available. If you want to have a better life function, you’d better choose a suitable area carefully.

In Vietnam, there is a Hanoi real estate giant company called Vin Group, their apartment complex usually begins with the name “Vinhomes”.

Inside Vin’s community, there will be VinMart(convenience stores) and Vincom (Shopping mall) in the community.

Vinhomes’ apartment complex usually comes with many greenery spaces, many sports courts, gym, and swimming pools.

Such a community is often considered “High Class” in Hanoi.

It attracts most foreigners, because living in such an apartment will be very convenient and very comfortable.

Rent apartments in Hanoi tip 4: Choose a real estate agency carefully

In Vietnam, many house owners will entrust the house to a professional property management company or simply an agent to manage.

The culture of having a second landlord or even a third landlord is also very popular in the housing market.

In other words, when you are renting a house today, you are likely to encounter a second landlord.

Please remember that when renting a house, you must check the owner’s house identity,

and rent the house with the real landlord to ensure your rights.

After all, you don’t want to be evicted because the second landlord ran away after renting the house for half a year, would you?

The way to verify a landlord is very simple. When buying a house in Vietnam, there must be a house ownership certificate or a sale and purchase agreement(contract). 

When renting a house, remember to ask the landlord to show proof of ownership of the house, to ensure the rights for both parties.

Rent apartments in Hanoi tip 5: Environments are so important.

Speaking of the living environment, what do you think will be the living environment in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, the cities are divided into new districts and old districts, Hanoi is the same. 

In the old districts, there will be narrow streets and poor infrastructure.

The new districts have more spacious roads and living functions.

So, which would you choose?

Here we briefly introduce the living areas of Hanoi, so that you can get started more easily when renting an apartment in Hanoi:

Hoan Kiem district: 

The most famous tourist attraction, there are also many five-star hotels.

This area is more suitable for tourists or business people.

If you are considering staying in Hanoi for a long time, it may be inconvenient to rent a house for a long time here.

Especially during the epidemic, many stores are closed.

Hai Ba Trung district: 

Close to the city center, the rent is relatively low,

but most of the apartments in this area do not have a complete living function or environment.

Dong Da district: 

The food paradise of Hanoi, Vietnam. If you know some Vietnamese, then you might like this area.

Ba Dinh district:

A commercial center, a place with high rents, and a relatively international area. If you like to have many Japanese, Korean, European, and American people around, then this will be your first choice.

The most famous apartment complex in this area is called: Vinhomes Metropolis

Tay Ho district: 

The favorite area of ​​European and American expats, people usually call this area “Westlake”.

This district has all kinds of life functions and is the perfect area for English-speaking customers.

There are many lake view apartments for rent, most of them are studio apartments.

Usually, the rent in the Tay Ho area is very expensive, however, in pandemic, you can sometimes have very good deals!

Nam Tu Liem district: 

An area with a lot of Koreans. If you like to enjoy Korean barbecue or Korean culture, you can consider living in this area.

Bac Tu Liem district: 

There are some international schools in this area, people also refer here as “Ciputra Hanoi”.

This area as well as has some villas for rent, but the rent is not cheap.

Ha Dong district: 

The living expenses in this area is the cheapest in Hanoi.

If you want to save money, you can consider this area, but note that the people here may not speak English.

Thanh Xuan district: 

There are relatively many apartments with rich living functions, but it is usually crowded during peak hours.

Long Bien district: 

Comfortable living environment, there are many foreigners, and it is very close to the city center.

There are many rich Vietnamese residences in the Long Bien district, If you like the natural environment, you can consider this area!

Cau Giay district:

Young district with modern designed infrastructure, however, the rent in this area is usually not cheap.

How to start?

Finding a trustable leasing agency will be your first step.

We FG Homes are specialized in helping foreign expat in renting Vinhomes’ apartments.

If you want to find quality apartments to rent in Hanoi, look no further! 

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